Keys to Ensure a Successful Sale

Price Property Correctly

The value of a property is what a buyer is willing to pay. Your agent will help assess the market. Comparables based on “like properties” help tell you what buyers are willing to pay. Properties priced correctly will sell quicker and at a better price.


First impression and curb appeal make a difference. Envision your property through the eyes of a buyer. How would you react if you were the buyer? To avoid buyer objections, do any painting and redecoration needed prior to putting it on the market, sharpen landscaping and all other exterior elements by trimming and adding color. Complete appropriate inspections and reports before marketing your home. This will give buyers confidence so that you receive cleaner and better offers.


Noise and other detrimental effects due to location impact value. Your agent must focus on the positive aspects of the home when marketing your property.


Make sure the home will appraise within 3% of its listed price; an appraisal may help market the home if price can be justified to a potential buyer in advance of sale. Owner Financing, Seller Paid Loan Points and Seller Paid Closing Costs for buyers are extremely important. The benefits may be explained in further detail by your agent.

Seller Motivation

Be realistic and mindful of current market conditions, and the time required to locate a qualified buyer and secure an acceptable offer. The asking price should reflect your time frame and desire to sell.

Chapman-Richards agents are professionals who will work diligently on your behalf to help you price accordingly and prepare your home to sell!


View our helpful Seller's Guide to know what to expect every step of the way.

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